question of the day: Who should play Higgs Boson in the movie?

The Boson Legacy

Huge scientific breakthrough today! Important discovery and stuff! And of course you know how pop culture reacts to such things: Shakespeare’s 1597 play The Fabled Orbit gave us the romantically comedic figure of “Copernica, Lady of Warmia,” her love of the poor but noble foreigner Helio, and her quest for acceptance by her family and society of their marriage. William Congreve’s 1702 Restoration comedy What Goes Up made a hero of Sir Horace Gravity and a villain of Lord Newton Killjoy for imprisoning Gravity in a prison made of paper. The 1947 MGM classic Sayonara, Nippon cast Clark Gable as the explosive but daring army officer Harry “Little Boy” Oppenheimer who — along with his sidekick Ned “Fat Man” Teller (Humphrey Bogart) — singlehandedly wins the war in Japan. And then there’s the classic episode of I Love Lucy in which Lucy and Ethel unravel the genetic code.

So we can rest assured that the first order of business today when Los Angeles wakes up will be the greenlighting of multiple competing Higgs Boson projects. What form will they take: action? romantic comedy? Will we see special Higgs Boson episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Glee?

Who should play Higgs Boson in the movie?

I see Jeremy Renner as Higgs in an action drama about an elusive man on the run from pursuers who simply will not rest: perhaps they cannot rest, because they’re cyborgs. Yeah, that sounds good. Someone get me Michael Bay…

Your turn! Have fun.

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