question of the day: Will you watch the Olympics opening ceremony?

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If you’re in London, tickets are still available for tonight’s Olympics opening ceremony… at £1,600 and £2,012 apiece. The rest of us will have to watch it on TV.
Here’s what we can expect, via The Sacramento Bee:

The ceremony’s mastermind, filmmaker [Danny] Boyle, has stressed that the 3-hour show will take viewers on a sweeping journey through Britain’s history, one that captures the nation’s identity, values, heritage, as well as its present and future. In their own ways, each of the elements represents some aspect of Englishness – though some in quirkier ways than others.

Mark Easton at BBC News speculates that this means:

In defining Britain to the rest of the world and ourselves, tonight must see a show that is sometimes anarchic, often contradictory and occasionally baffling.

Anarchic, contradictory and baffling. Sounds like entertainment to flummox the whole family!

Will you watch the Olympics opening ceremony? If so, what do you expect to see? Will you watch out of genuine interest, or in a roadside-accident-rubbernecking sort of way? (I confess that this is mostly my motivation for watching.) I’m curious, too, to hear from those in distant timezones: Is your town or city doing anything special to encourage viewing of the opening ceremony (or any other Olympic events)? It’ll only be afternoon across the U.S. and Canada, for instance, and it’ll be predawn to early morning Saturday across Australia and New Zealand, when the opening ceremony begins tonight in London. Not exactly prime viewing time for either continent.

UPDATE POST DANNY BOYLE BLOWING MY MIND: Please now feel free to use this post as an open thread to discuss how freakin’s awesome that was.

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