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question of the day: Has something you’ve seen in a movie or on TV actually been useful in real life?

Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson

If Mitt Romney choses Ohio Senator Rob Portman as his vice-presidential running partner, there will be one guy on that ticket who appreciates the same sorts of pastimes as average-Joe Americans: Portman is a movie fan. From the Associated Press:

In Chile early this year, powerful rapids flipped his kayak over, dislocating his right shoulder.

“I had to get out of the boat because I’m underwater, bouncing down the rapids, and getting hit by a number of rocks all over my body. And I couldn’t use my right arm,” Portman said.

His son Will’s kayak had already disappeared around a bend ahead of him, so no one knew of his plight. The 56-year-old senator got behind a large rock, holding on “for my dear life” with his left hand, wondering how to reach shore with one arm working.

“That was pretty scary,” he said.

Portman said he thought of the 1989 movie “Lethal Weapon 2,” when the Gibson character escapes a straitjacket by intentionally dislocating his shoulder, then gets it back in place by crashing against a file cabinet.

“Honestly, that was what flashed through my mind — Mel Gibson. So I took my shoulder, slammed it against the rock, and the shoulder popped in. I couldn’t feel my arm, but I could use my arm. I was able to swim to shore.”


Bronxbee sent me this link, and she wants to know:

has some trick or act you’ve seen in a movie, ever come in handy? saved your life, gotten you out of a frightening situation, helped you open a jar or bottle?

So that’s today’s question: Has something you’ve seen in a movie or on TV actually been useful in real life?

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