question of the day: Which movie or TV characters do you wish were real?

Peter Davison Doctor Who recently ran down its list of “Movie Characters We Wish Were Real” — which includes some unexpected characters for some really cool reasons:

Giselle (Enchanted)

Can you imagine walking down the streets of New York City on a dreary day only to find the beautiful Giselle singing “That’s How You Know”? We don’t care if you just stepped in dog poo, spilled coffee on a white shirt or lost your MetroCard — that’s a magical moment. Say good-bye to those antidepressants because with someone like Enchanted’s Giselle and her cohorts running around town, you’ll get a hefty dose of love, magic and friendly little chipmunks at every turn.

John Hammond (Jurassic Park)

John Hammond is a great character and all, but do you know why he’d be particularly fantastic to bring to life? Because then we’d have our own Jurassic Park. Perhaps Steven Spielberg and company should just ditch plans to make that fourth installment and repurpose the money towards researching how to extract dinosaur DNA from mosquitos preserved in sap and make loads of money on living, breathing dinosaurs. Spare no expense!

I like! I agree! (See’s other choices here.)

Which movie or TV characters do you wish were real?

I think you already know my choice: the Doctor. Even if I weren’t worthy enough to travel with him, it would be nice to know that someone was looking out for planet Earth, since we’re not doing the best job we could be doing.

Your turn…

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