Doctor Who thing of the day: the most horrifying thing American Doctor Who fans will read today

Hot Topic Doctor Who t-shirt

This is pretty much what no lover of a cult thing ever wants to read. From NBC’s morning show Today:

UK TV show ‘Doctor Who’ is setting a US fashion trend

Many people in America might not be familiar with the words “Tardis” or “Dalek,” but that number is shrinking as more viewers embrace “Doctor Who,” a classic British science-fiction show turned U.S. cult hit. That means U.S. fans are clamoring for show-themed T-shirts and accessories, and are even DIY-ing their own until stores can meet demand.

“’Doctor Who’ is the single most emerging property we saw at [San Diego] Comic-Con,” Cindy Levitt, vice president and general merchandise manager for the store Hot Topic, told TODAY.com. “There were so many DIY outfits; so many great dresses, knitted caps, and 20 different Tardis’!”

In case you’re not aware, Hot Topic is a U.S. chain store that pops up in malls to serve kids who want to buy a premanufactured notion of cool instead of developing their own personalities. If the vice president and general merchandise manager for Hot Topic is excited about Doctor Who, it can only mean that the Doctor is on the verge of tedious ubiquitousness in America.

And how horrifying is this:

even DIY-ing their own until stores can meet demand

Because everyone would rather buy the premade stuff that everyone else is wearing than make their own that might stand out in a crowd.


(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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