question of the day: How many movies is too many movies in a single day?

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Today’s question is partly inspired by an answer to yesterday’s QOTD, “What is the ideal cineplex showtime?” — that would be PJK’s response, which mentioned seeing two movies in one outing — and partly by my own experience, particularly this week.
How many movies is too many movies in a single day?

My experience: This week I’ve been attending an industry showcase event that features lots of screenings of films opening in the U.K. over the next couple of months. Yesterday I saw four films. Today I’ll see four. As much as I love movies, it’s exhausting just to think about such a marathon for one day, never mind two, never mind actually sitting and watching four films in one day. (Crap, I did four films on Friday, too, partly because I knew there would be no time to see some of those movies this week. No wonder I feel like a zombie at the moment.) I once did five screenings in a day, and I was completely shattered by the end of it. I generally try to limit myself to three movies at the very most, but that’s not always possible.

What about you? Is it easier to watch multiple movies at home on a single day than it is to do the same at a multiplex?

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