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question of the day: Which great movie can you not bring yourself to watch again?


Alex Withrow at Top 10 Films offers his “10 Great Movies I Never Want to Watch Again.” He opens:

We’ve all got them, that handful of films we love, but have never watched twice. Maybe it’s because they’re disturbing, maybe it’s because they’re long, or gory, or complicated – whatever the reason(s), there is something strange and unusually beautiful about a really good movie that you have virtually no interest in seeing more than once.

We all have them, it’s true — click over for his list — and so:

Which great movie can you not bring yourself to watch again?

I’m gonna go with my old standby of horror, Irreversible, which, almost a decade on, I still cannot bring myself to watch again, though I do think it’s a brilliant film thematically and quite ingeniously inventive narratively.

Your turn…

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