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question of the weekend: Have you ever seen a UFO?

George Adamski-style UFO

We had a spectacular — and unexpected — meteor shower over the U.K. last night. Alas, I did not witness it, except on the news this morning, but apparently some people were a little mystified by what they were seeing, at least at first. From The Telegraph:

Astronomers had not been expecting a meteor shower to appear on Friday night and there were some suggestions that it could be pieces of space junk breaking up in the upper atmosphere.

The Met Office tweeted, however, that they believed it had been a meteorite.

Some observers initially wondered whether they had seen a UFO or fireworks before realising the spectacular lights were indeed meteors.

Coastguard and police across the country were inundated with calls from shortly before 11pm, with some people reporting that they had seen flares out to sea and even a possible plane crash.

Stephen Chetrit, a 46-year-old charity worker from Thornhill, near Dumfries, said he had spotted the meteor show while he was watching television at his home in the countryside at around 10.45pm.

He said: “I had been in my living room with the lights off when I saw the lights outside my window.

“I didn’t know what it was, so I initially called the police to ask whether they’d had any reports of any UFOs or anything strange.

“They told me they’d had lots of calls from people reporting the lights, and that it was a meteor shower.”


Have you ever seen a UFO? I don’t mean something you thought was actually an alien spacecraft — though that would be neato, and I’m sure we’d love to all hear about that — but something in the sky that you simply couldn’t identify or weren’t sure about, maybe at first, maybe still to this day.

I once saw something in the skies over Manhattan that I’m still not sure about. I was on the roof of a friend’s building, 50something stories up, and I saw what seemed to be an aircraft flying above. I certainly wouldn’t have said it was anything natural, like a meteor, but it was odd for a craft, too. It was lit up like a plane but made no noise, though the size of the light suggested it wasn’t very high up, and it had a weird swinging light underneath it that wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen on a plane or helicopter before… or since.

Your turn…

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