question of the day: What’s the best topical, in-the-news costume for Halloween 2012?

birth control costume

Are you going to a Halloween party this weekend? Taking the kids trick-or-treating on Wednesday? Will you even make an attempt at dressing up? Even if you’re not going to bother, have you given any thought to how you might dress up in a parallel universe where you cared about such things?

What’s the best topical, in-the-news costume for Halloween 2012?

I think there are some places in America this week where, if you dressed up as a blastocyst — get one of those giant-soccer-ball costumes and cover up the black spots with white, and presto! — you might actual get yourself a police protection escort, Blastocyst-Americans being in such constant danger from Slut-Americans with their murderous whorish birth control. In fact, get a friend to dress up as “birth control” (as above, from Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page) and you could stage battles — you wouldn’t even need lightsabers, just keep bumping into each other, and bingo! You’re Rush Limbaugh’s favorite wet dream.

I know: Horrific, isn’t it?

Your turn…
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