question of the weekend: If you were a diva, what would your crazy unreasonable requests be?

no brown M&Ms

This weekend’s question comes from beccity98, who writes:

What would your diva request be? (We’ve heard about ‘divas’ requesting odd things in their dressing rooms, or hotel rooms that are really just kind of nuts and spoiled brat-ish.)

Reader LJS reminds us, though:

I once heard an interview on Fresh Air that explained the “diva” request — it’s a suble QA thing. If complied with, it tells the performers that someone read the contract in detail and followed it carefully, which gives them more confidence that vital things like audio set-up and safety procedures were properly followed.

This is true, as Snopes so entertainingly explains with regards to the most infamous “diva” request — Van Halen’s demand that there be no brown M&M’s in the required bowl backstage.

But never mind all that:

If you were a diva, what would your crazy unreasonable requests be?
I would demand a bowl of black Icelandic volcanic sand. Just to look at. Just because.

This QOTW comes via a previous QOTW, which asked “What kinds of things would you like to learn about your fellow FlickFilosopher readers?” Feel free to continue adding suggestions there for me to grab for future use.

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