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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

question of the day: How does being a parent influence your movie choices?

Rise of the Guardians

With Thanksgiving weekend just over in the U.S., let’s talk about something that almost certainly impacted many people over what is one of the biggest weekends for family time and one of the biggest weekends for movies of the year. Reader Anne-Kari wants to know:

Are you a parent and does that influence your movie choices (not just in terms of taking kids to see G movies)?

Perhaps since I’m not a parent, I’m not quite sure of all the ways that being a parent could influence your movie choices, so I’ll leave you to explain to me.

How does being a parent influence your movie choices? Is this tougher this time of year, when the multiplexes are stuffed with movies designed to appeal to families and kids?

Still above from Rise of the Guardians, which parents may or may not have decided to take their kids to over the long holiday weekend.

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