question of the day: Who is your favorite stand-up comic or comic personality?

Monty Python

Today’s question comes from reader Patrick, who writes:

Sometimes a person’s taste in comedy can be almost like a Myers-Briggs test. Are there any stand-up comics that you like (or at least tolerate)? Or a comic personality off the stage? If I were to guess, I’d would say you would be in the Bill Maher vicinity.

Politically, I’m aligned in some ways with Bill Maher, but I despise his misogny, which puts me off him even when we agree. I’d say that, in the vein of Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would be more my speed.

But they’re not who leaps to mind when I think “funny people.” Not that they’re not funny, of course. But what really tickles me is absurd humor. I love Steven Wright’s stand-up, with its puns and wordplay and conceptual goofs. (“I once put instant coffee in the microwave and almost went back in time.) And I adore Monty Python for their manic intellectual anarchy.

Your turn:

Who is your favorite stand-up comic or comic personality? And what about their comedy appeals to you?

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