question of the weekend: What is your preferred hangover cure?

hangover cat hates everything

With New Year’s Eve almost upon us, there is a vital topic we must discuss:

What is your preferred hangover cure?

Prevention is, as always, the best cure, so I generally try to avoid getting so drunk I end up hungover the next morning — no good time is worth losing the next morning (or, ahem, entire day) to. But in the event that prevention is not forthcoming, I tend to go with a simple curative. First, lots of water before I go to sleep, if I know I’ve drunk too much, to forestall the dehydration that is the main cause of a hangover. And then, the next day, gallons of tea, a bit of toast, and a long walk in the fresh air.

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Wed, Jun 05, 2013 4:31pm

My favourite hangover cure is a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with a banana and 1 tablespoon of honey all mashed in with it, and 20 minutes I feel much better. I read this guide also and they suggest eggs ( and funnily enough the other day when feeling really bad after a nights drinking my girlfriend cooked me 3 eggs for breakfast, I felt brilliant afterwards, which was why I searched to see if eggs help, so I will use them also now. Of course best action though is just not to drink all that much in the first place.