question of the day: What are your all-time favorite and least favorite black-and-white movies?

The Artist Jean Dujardin Berenice Bejo

Reader Anne-Kari recently suggested that we talk about

Favorite and least favorite movies within specific genres (drama, b&w, scifi, comedy)?

So that’s what we’ve been doing all this week. I’m not sure that “black-and-white” constitutes an actual genre, but since Anne-Kari included that, we’ll end on that note:

What are your all-time favorite and least favorite black-and-white movies?

I am personally limiting myself to films made after color began to used in a widespread manner, so that the use of black-and-white was an artistic choice, not a necessity. (You need not do so. But if you do and need some help, here’s a list of black-and-white films produced since the 1970s.)

I must choose the magnificent The Artist, for which its black-and-whiteness isn’t merely an artistic choice but inherent in its genius. Michel Hazanavicius conceived a film that had to be shot in black-and-white in the 21st century — it simply couldn’t exist if it hadn’t been.

For worst, I’ll pick Woody Allen’s Celebrity, which makes a self-deprecating reference to “one of those assholes who shoots all his films in black-and-white,” and even that cannot excuse the choice of black-and-white in this instance.

Your turn…

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