question of the day: What makes someone a “film snob”?

The Film Snob's Dictionary

Today’s question comes from Hank, who writes:

I got a copy of “The Film Snob’s Dictionary” for Christmas, and discovered to my surprise that I am not, in fact, one of them.

Their definition is that a Film Snob is “the sort of movie obsessive for whom the actual enjoyment of motion pictures is but a side dish to the accumulation of arcane knowledge about them.” For me (and you as well, I suspect) it’s all about the movie enjoyment, and rabid-puppy enthusiasm for the ones we love. A QOTD might be suggestions for a better term for those of us on this side of that definition.

As to the book, it’s a funny-once. I read it in about thirty minutes this morning. It’s authors seem more intent on scoring snarky points off of people with different opinions than anything else, which attribute I’d have said was more definitional of film snobs than anything else. (“You like that?”)


What makes someone a “film snob”? Do you consider yourself a film snob? If not, what term would you use for your film fandom?
Hank is right when he guesses that, for me, it’s all about enjoying the movies… and sharing them with others, too. I could not possibly care less about some of the things that some film fans worry about, like whether this edition of a DVD release has a slipcover while that one does not. And while I enjoy, say, looking at movie posters, I don’t get excited by the news that such-and-such upcoming movie got a new poster, and I’m not generally all that interested in hearing the latest casting news (with a few exceptions for very favorite actors or franchises). I think that is reflected in how I simply don’t cover that sort of movie news here — apart from the fact that there’s an abundance of that sort of coverage online already, it’s just kinda boring to me.

What would I call myself? A film geek, I guess.


The Film Snob’s Dictionary [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K.]

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