question of the day: Who would be convinced to see a movie by a quote on an ad from a random guy on Twitter?

Haunted House Twitter quote

Via, we learn that Open Road Films resorted to pulling a quote from some dude on Twitter — who is not any sort of film critic — to promote A Haunted House (see the dreadful trailer here):

One thing Steven Cuellar is not is a movie critic, either professionally or even at an amateur blogging level. You wouldn’t know that from a recent spree of TV commercials for the Wayans Brothers atrocity “A Haunted House,” because they use a quote from Cuellar’s Twitter account, which currently has 43 followers.

The quote? “Funniest Movie Ever!”

Open Road Films is the culprit behind this sleaze-a-rific promotional move. They apparently just grabbed the quote, presumably because Cuellar is the only person in the universe that would like it enough to make that statement (and want to see it again to boot).’s Max Evry reminds us:

Of course this is not even close to the first time a studio has tried to scam the public through TV commercials, with Sony using a made-up guy named “David Manning” to promote pictures like “The Patriot,” “Hollow Man,” and Rob Schneider’s comedic excrement “The Animal.”

The studios must see some perceived value in pulling such stunts, and so we must wonder:

Who would be convinced to see a movie by a quote on an ad from a random guy on Twitter?

Of course many people are swayed by authority, so perhaps it makes sense to quote famous critics in ads. But someone who’s not a critic, whose name will mean nothing to anyone? What’s that about? Is there a perception of authority for anyone who’s quoted on a movie ad, merely because he or she is quoted there? Or is this just sheer desperation on the part of Open Road Films? What the hell is going on here?

Thanks to Stephanie for the heads-up.

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