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QOTD: What movies or TV shows do you find calming and relaxing?

Cosmos Carl Sagan

Yesterday I posted a link to a New York Times article that discussed a new study that suggests that children who watch nonviolent television shows and avoid violent and adult-skewing programming are less aggressive and more empathetic than other children. It got me thinking:
What movies or TV shows do you find calming and relaxing? Perhaps it’s more a kind of show, like nature documentaries, rather than a specific program or film. I suspect this will not be the same thing as a comfort show or movie (though correct me if I’m wrong about that), nor will these necessarily be our favorite shows or movies. Or perhaps you turn off the TV entirely when you want to relax…?

I find listening to Carl Sagan intone the mysteries of the universe very relaxing, so I do enjoy a rerun of Cosmos quite a serene way to pass an hour or two.

You? Have calming fun…

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