QOTD: Who are the worst movie couples ever?

Maid in Manhattan Ralph Fiennes Jennifer Lopez

Please to enjoy an anti-Valentine’s Day question:
Who are the worst movie couples ever?

Use whatever qualification you feel is appropriate. Does their relationship represent something really emotionally unhealthy? Do they lack even rudimentary screen chemistry? Are they 50 years apart in age? Do they make your skin crawl even more when they’re together than when they’re apart? Can you simply not see them as lovers at all?

Gosh, there’s so many! But I’m gonna go with Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez in the unendurable Maid in Manhattan. They are both so desperately miscast individually that watching him trying to embody a “playboy” and her trying to embody a down-on-her-luck working-class gal is excruciating enough… but when they’re together in scenes that are intended to be romantic, they grate like sandpaper against each other. It’s hard to imagine a casting director achieving a more total deficiency of onscreen chemistry if that was actually the intent.

Your turn…

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