QOTW: What country best represents the future?

Last weekend we talked about the bits of history we’d like to learn more of. This weekend, let’s talk about the future.
What country best represents the future?

I stole this from io9, where Annalee Newitz recently wrote:

Back in the early 1990s, there was a popular idea in the United States that Japan represented the future. With its booming economy and sophisticated tech industry, the country seemed poised to become the next great superpower. But when the Asian bubble burst, science fiction writers and futurists imagined China as the next great nation, or possibly India. Previous generations cast Brazil and the Soviet Union as the futuristic centers of the world. Today, it’s not clear what countries will lead the Earth to the next level — or down a path to authoritarianism or stateless chaos.

Perhaps it’s part of the morass of interconnected problems we’re mired in today — economic stagnation, climate disaster, etc — that we have no sense of what the future is going to look like or where it’s going to be spearheaded. Perhaps it’s because, unlike during some other eras in the past, there’s little sense of hope about the future that makes it feel so murky.

What do you think? Is there someplace on Earth that makes you feel like it’s leading the way — for better or for worse — into the future?

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