QOTW: What is your dream vacation?


The “disaster” on the Carnival cruise Triumph ship this week got me thinking about holidays… and reminded me that even when they go well, cruises are precisely the opposite of my dream vacation. I can’t imagine anything less relaxing that being stuck on a floating hotel with nothing to do but lounge by the pool getting sunburned or sit in the casino throwing away money. It sounds like summer camp for grownups. It sounds horrible.
Now, there are cruises I’ve heard that go down the Nile or along European rivers on small ships with maybe a dozen cabins and meals are prepared by a gourmet chef and your cruise director is, like, the curator of the Museum of Cairo. I think I could endure something like that.

But my dream vacation would be an African safari. A luxury one, of course — no reason to rough it if you don’t need to, and money should be no object when it comes to fantasizing. Something about the landscape of Africa gets to me a primal way, and I’d love to see it with my own eyes.

What is your dream vacation?

Have fun!

This question was suggested by beccity98 in a previous QOTW, which asked “What kinds of things would you like to learn about your fellow FlickFilosopher readers?” Feel free to continue adding suggestions there for me to grab for future use.

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