Doctor Who thing: leave a book/take a book TARDIS project

TARDIS little library

Jennifer wants to build a little leave a book/take a book library on her property in New Port Richey, Florida… and she wants to build it in the shape of a TARDIS. She’s raising a small amount of money on Kickstarter to get it done:

I was sad to see there weren’t any Little Free Libraries anywhere close to me and I KNEW I had to change that! I live on a busy corner house with a lot of car and foot traffic. My neighborhood is filled with children that will LOVE having books to read and swap (I’m thinking of adding surprise coloring books once in a while, too), as well as teens and adults! As the library is on my property, I become the “Steward” of the library, in charge of maintaining the inventory, box, and surrounding area… But this really is a community driven project where everyone gets to be involved. That’s the fun thing about the Take a Book / Leave a Book idea, you never know what will be in the box on a weekly basis!

The Design:

As for the design of the box? Well, I wanted something that would stand out and I am a big Doctor Who fan! So of course I want to build my library in the shape of a blue police box to pay homage to my favorite show (I am in no way affiliated with the BBC). Books are powered by imagination and so a little library can be jam packed full of worlds and fantasies galore, it really is bigger on the inside!

She’s already reached her goal, but if you want to contribute — funds left over after building the TARDIS library will go to purchase books — you can do so at her Kickstarter.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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Tue, Apr 30, 2013 12:25pm

Well, yes, books are bigger on the inside, and they can take you anywhere in time or space.