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Doctor Who thing: enjoy a getaway fit for a Time Lord (almost)

Doctor Who bed and breakfast

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.K. (as well as in the U.S.), and if you have no plans, why not consider a trip to Reading, where you can enjoy Doctor Who-style bed-and-breakfast accommodations in the home of Whovian Tom? From travel site Wimdu:

Do you love all things “Who”? Fancy living like a Time Lord for a night? Then my Doctor Who themed room in Reading is the perfect place for your weekend getaway!

I’m a huge Whovian living in Reading and I’ve decided to rent out my place to other Doctor Who fans to raise money for the Scouting Association. The double bedroom is decorated with a huge collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, including a life-size TARDIS and Dalek, posters, costumes from the 8th and 11th doctor and various collectable items.

Unfortunately the room doesn’t bend the time-space continuum and isn’t bigger on the inside than the outside, but there’s still plenty of room to fit 2 people comfortably.

Hey, it’s for charity. And it’s even available this weekend! Book at Wimdu.

Via Independent.ie.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • lynn

    Being in the US, my first thought was Reading, PA.

    Reading kept Dr. Who on PBS longer than my hometown, and that was where the nerd catalog that sold Dr. Who stuff was out of, long after PBS gave up.

    It’s hard to think about the idea post-internet that something existed one state over but was effectively impossible to get.

  • RogerBW

    There were two free-range Daleks at UK Games Expo this weekend (also a very fine Fourth Doctor). I was explaining to some visiting Germans that no, really, this is so embedded into the national consciousness that pretty much everyone will have some idea what a Dalek is.

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