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Doctor Who thing: Time & Space Visualiser

Doctor Who Time and Space Visualiser

For the Doctor Who fan who has everything, here’s something new: Time & Space Visualiser, in which graphic designer Paul Smith presents all sorts of information about the stories and characters within the show and its production and history as a TV program in intriguingly visual ways. The book

reveals who are the most popular writers and directors; all the places on Earth the Doctor has visited and how often he goes to other planets; which companions gained the most experiences from their travels in the TARDIS; the most common comeuppances for the Doctor’s enemies; how long it would take to watch every episode back to back; and much more.

The data analyzed drills down to minutiae that only truly obsessive fans — you know who you are — could appreciate, including:

Number of weeks between studio recording and transmission of 1960s episodes
Share of stories by composer of incidental music
Significant heights and depths experienced in Doctor Who
Planets visited or seen from close orbit, sized relative to number of appearances
Range of experiences gained by the Doctor’s closest companions
Number of appearances in stories by characters named Smith and Jones
Stories featuring more than one returning foe
Minimum sizes of Dalek taskforces as seen on screen
Changes in the gender balance of major villains in Doctor Who across four decades
Transmission pattern through each year from 1963-1989 and 2005-2012
Most common time slots for first broadcast of Doctor Who episodes
Total time required to watch all of Doctor Who to date
Episodes with the highest and lowest numbers of viewers on first broadcast
Average ratings for repeat broadcasts of Doctor Who episodes on BBC1 and BBC2, by year
Countries that broadcast Doctor Who in the 20th Century, by number of stories shown
Time difference in months between Classic Doctor Who stories’ broadcast and release as books
Word counts for Target Doctor Who novelisations in order of publication
Time difference in months between Classic Doctor Who stories’ releases on VHS and DVD

There’s a lot more, and it’s all beautifully presented. A taste of what the charts look like (these are only sections because they’re so huge):

Time and Space Visualiser Doctor Who

This one shows were in the U.K. stories have been set; the insert for London is dense, as you might imagine.

Time and Space Visualiser Doctor Who

This one shows at-a-glance facts about every episode across the show’s history, including which companions and villains featured and — for very old episodes — which are still missing and which have been recolorized from the black-and-white dupes that have been uncovered.

Time & Space Visualiser: The story and history of Doctor Who as data visualisations is available at Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, and Amazon U.K..

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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