Edward Snowden: traitor or hero?

Save Edward Snowden

So: dude reveals secret stuff our governments are up to. He violated an employment contract to do so, and he exposed things that are technically legal, so some call him a traitor and a criminal. On the other hand, he brought to light things that shouldn’t be legal and that contravene the spirit of an open democracy, so some call him a hero and a patriot.

Edward Snowden: traitor or hero?

Or maybe he’s just a pawn, or a CIA puppet, or playing some other role that makes him complicit in an enormous bit of propaganda or security theater, as I just discovered yet another bunch of people believe.

I’m definitely on the “hero” side. Even if mass surveillance and mass collection of data from the citizenry is “legal” under some interpretation of a law hastily rushed into existence, overseen by secret courts and secret judges, to call the defiance of such a law treason is nonsense. Americans who, say, worked on the Underground Railroad in the 1850s were breaking the law, too, and I can’t imagine anyone with any scrap of decency to their name suggesting that what they did wasn’t justified and entirely moral.

What do you think?

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