what’s the most dangerous thing about the place where you live?

Oklahoma City tornado

Oklahoma City got walloped again last night by a series huge, deadly tornadoes, just two weeks after an even larger twister devastated its suburb Moore.

Inevitably, in the wake of such events, some people wonder anyone would keep living in a place where disaster strikes so regularly. But of course, many of us live in places that are subject to some sort of danger, natural or otherwise, that might threaten our lives or property.

What’s the most dangerous thing about the place where you live? And has it ever made you think about moving somewhere else to get away from it?

I think I’m probably pretty lucky in the places I’ve lived. New York and London are not prone to earthquakes, wildfires, or disastrous flooding… though the latter is probably the most likely danger encroaching on NYC in the climate-change era; London won’t face serious flooding until the seas begin their major rises. Even crime isn’t a significant danger in either city (as long as you’re not in a gang or working as a drug dealer). Probably the biggest “danger” in both places is the cost of living, which is outrageous. And yet I cannot imagine living anywhere but in either of these two cities. So I guess I’m stuck.


Photo from the AP’s The Big Story.

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