do you stargaze?


It might seem like an obvious question with only one possible answer — I mean, who doesn’t stargaze? — except I’ve run into far too many people who don’t ever seem to look up. I love looking at the stars. Not in any formal way, but on a clear night I can’t not get lost in staring around for a few minutes. I don’t know anywhere near enough about which star is what, but I can point out Orion (maybe my favorite constellation), and I can pick out Mars and Venus and Jupiter, because how do you not get curious at some point about what that really bright reddish star that doesn’t seem to twinkle is? And yet, I’ve gotten into casual conversations more than once with someone who’s noticed I’ve gotten a little distracted walking down the street who had no idea that that is Mars… and don’t know that Mars is a planet like Earth not all that far away (compared to the actual stars, anyway).


Do you stargaze? Do you have favorite things you like to look at in the night sky?

image from Astronomy Picture of the Day, of supergiant star Gamma Cygni, by Jose Francisco Hernandez (Altamira Observatory)

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