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Doctor Who thing: adorable geek couple’s adorable Tenth Doctor-themed engagement photos

I challenge you not to fall in love with these crazy kids, Laurie and Justin:

Doctor Who engagement

Doctor Who engagement

Doctor Who engagement

Awww. I just wanna eat them both up.

Laurie and Justin are American, by the way, from Greenville, South Carolina. The Doctor Who invasion of the U.S. continues.

Photos by Davey Morgan; more at his site.

Via io9.

UPDATE: Yes, the headline originally read “Ninth Doctor.” I really need a break…

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • ProperDave


  • bronxbee

    Tenth Doctor!

  • The Master

    I have never been more disgusted by a headline in my life.
    Clearly he is dressed as the Tenth Doctor.

  • My takeaway: She’s tall, and he’s short. And I wonder how much this cost.

  • halavana


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