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Doctor Who thing: rewatch the modern series (all of them) in chronological order

Torchwood John Barrowman

Catching up — or rewatching — some Doctor Who in preparation for the upcoming one-two punch of the 50th-anniversary special and the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration into the Twelfth? How about watching them in the order the stories happened? Stuart Ian Burns at feeling listless has created a handy-dandy list of modern Doctor Who episodes in chronological order — that is, by internal story time, not air date, and including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Chronicles and some of the little bits and extras, such as Comic Relief sketches and online-only prequels and minisodes.

(Spoiler: just where Miracle Day fits in remains a problem.)

Check out the list here.

Burns has done an impressive job… though he does come to a rather depressing conclusion, which I agree with:

Having done of all this, part of me now misses the period when Doctor Who truly did rule television, the salad days of the late 00s when it had three shows on at the same time, of Christmas 2006 which brought The Runaway Bride, two episodes of Torchwood and the first episode of SJA nearly on concurrent days. Now, we’re lucky to get thirteen episodes in a year and thanks to the vagaries of television production, only two episodes have been made in the show’s 50th year. Something’s got to be wrong if I was wishing there was another series of Torchwood on, hasn’t it?


(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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