Doctor Who thing: the Doctor (and his best villains) take over Heathrow


Travelers to the U.K. this summer won’t be able to avoid the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who: they’ll run straight into the celebrations the moment they get through Customs. From Radio Times:

Talk about suspicious passengers… [On Tuesday] Heathrow Airport played host to a Cyberman who, presumably, met his match at passport control.

Scaring travellers, posing for pictures and generally stomping around being a big ol’ meanie, the Cyberman was at the aiport as part of a Doctor Who takeover to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary internationaly.

Blogtor Who has more details on the other goodies on display to admire and play with (such as a TARDIS photo booth), and a schedule of the days and times when you can “meet a Cyberman” in Terminal 5. A few photos from Blogtor Who’s Facebook page:



(Many more photos at Blogtor Who’s Facebook page.)

That’s Jenny Colgan in the second image, author of the Doctor Who novel Dark Horizons, which I wrote about recently.

Hopefully this all goes better than it did the last time the Doctor was at Heathrow, in “Time-Flight”

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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