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Doctor Who thing: the announcement of a new Doctor didn’t used to be a big deal

Actor/Dalek operator @NicholasPegg dug this up from 1981:


Did you notice it? Up in the top right corner:


It reads:


The new Doctor is 29 year old Peter Davison, most famous for his role as Tristan in the BBC television programme, All Creatures Great and Small. He has done a variety of stage and television work but also lists songwriting amongst his talents and has a television theme tune to his name!

The youngest Doctor to date has also a new companion — twenty-three year old Janet Fielding who will play the part of Tegan, an air hostess from Australia in the last story of the season — Logopolis.

Pegg says this is from Doctor Who Magazine, though I wonder about that. But whatever publication this is from, some “controversy” over K-9 was considered more important than the new Doctor. He doesn’t even warrant a photo! Weird.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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