Doctor Who thing: the Doctor(s) appear(s) in a Final Jeopardy question

What is the strongest evidence to date that Doctor Who has infiltrated American culture?

Doctor Who was the subject of the Final Jeopardy question on the U.S. TV game show Jeopardy recently. According to Fikkle Fame, this was on July 16. The clue:


For those unfamiliar with the show, contestants receive “questions” in the form of clues, and must supply the “answer” in the form of a question. So the correct response to this would be “What is Doctor Who?” Which — again according to Fikkle Fame — all the contestants got right. Which confirms, I suppose, that the people who appear on Jeopardy are enormous dorks with heads full of useless knowledge. (I say this with great respect and affection, as it would apply to me as well.)

Thanks to bronxbee for the heads-up.

Image via Doctor Who, Ph.D. on Facebook.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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