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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

have you ever attended a film festival?


Press screenings for the London Film Festival start today, and I am consumed with excitement for the 14 festival movies on my agenda between today and Friday (and the two additional regular press screenings in there, too) and already exhausted by what’s ahead in the month to come. (Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for instant reactions after each screening. And I plan to post quickie reviews each evening, if possible. If I’m not too burnt out. Stay tuned and find out how quickly my brain gets fried!)

In honor of my incipient cinematic fatigue:

Have you ever attended a film festival? If you haven’t and you’ve wanted to, what’s stopped you? If you have, how did you like it? How did it differ from ordinary moviegoing? Would you attend again?

(If you have a suggestion for a Question, feel free to email me.)

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