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London photo of the day: a disturbing quantity of popcorn


This is what you witness when you loiter outside West End cinemas at ungodly early hours. You’ll never eat movie popcorn again.*

*Until the next time you go to the movies.

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  • Lowell Rapaport

    surprising. i thought they actually popped the popcorn in the theater, albeit well in advance of the actual movie time. popping popcorn is not hard to do, and it has got to make more sense to ship around five of six sacks of unpopped popcorn than it is to ship a truckload of popped popcorn.

  • bronxbee

    i worked in movie theatres in NYC… i never liked popcorn to start with, but after seeing the bags (ours were paper) and the “golden topping” and then cleaning out the popcorn “heaters” … gag me.

  • beckymonster

    One of my regular cinemas makes (some of) it’s own. The room has it’s own window, which looks out onto the main area of the cinema foyer.

    Yes, I have stood there while it’s popping and watched;) It’s fun, although I don’t eat the stuff.

  • But then you have to have the machines to do the popping.

    The amount of stuff we ship pointlessly around is astonishing.

  • Interestingly, I have yet to be in a British cinema that offers butter — or “butter” — for the popcorn. You can get presalted or presweetened popcorn, but no butter and no extra salt.

  • I haven’t eaten movie theater popcorn in YEARS. I prefer not not to eat or drink anything at all while watching a movie, and really can’t stand others doing it. Sounds and smells distract from the experience.

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