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maryann johanson, not crying

what city that you’ve never been to would you most like to visit?


As this is automatically posting itself, I am on my way to Paris for a few days. It’s a birthday jaunt with a friend (her birthday, not mine) and we’ve both been there before, so I’m expecting a relaxing few days of museums and cafes. It’s nice to go back to places you’ve already been — the touristy pressure is off a little.

But it’s nice to visit new places, too. And so this weekend’s Question:

What city that you’ve never been to would you most like to visit?

I think top of my list right now is Tokyo. (Though maybe not till they’ve cleaned up that reactor mess the tsunami left, or at least eliminated the possibility that it’s going to go up in a cloud of radiation that spreads across the country.) I’ve been to a handful of foreign cities, including places where English is not the native language, but never anywhere where the native alphabet isn’t the same. I imagine it would be pretty scary — in an interesting, exciting way — to be that at sea in a strange place.


photo of Tokyo borrowed from vacation advice 101

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