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Doctor Who thing: Children in Need clip from “The Day of the Doctor”

Bonus Saturday Doctor Who thing! It’s the clip from “The Day of the Doctor” that was shown on Children in Need last night. It’s obviously from the opening minutes of the episode and more like a teaser than anything spoilerish:

I bet we never find out what was going on with those paintings…

To learn more about Children in Need or to make a donation, see here.

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  • the paintings contained trapped figures from the Time War.

    They got out.

  • Karl Morton IV

    I remember months and months ago – I think they were just about to start shooting the 50th – some reporter-type was pumping Matt Smith for anything they could get out of him. He hemm’d and hawww’d a bit, said he had to be careful or they would lock him in a box until December, then said he could tell us one word about the 50th. That one word was “paintings”. So maybe there’ll be some more? :)

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