Doctor Who thing: Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years 1963 – 2013


A new print fanzine! I didn’t think anyone was actually printing fan fiction anymore — I thought it had all moved online. But here we have Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years 1963 – 2013, aka the latest annual issue of “The Official Fiction Anthology of the Doctor Who Information Network.” (The Canada-based DWIN is, for those not in the know, one of the first fan clubs in North America, and the longest running.)

What’s it all about?

Golden Years celebrates the timeless elements of Doctor Who that have appealed to the show’s followers for half a century.

Monsters, time travel and exotic alien worlds. Horror, drama and humour. Golden Years celebrates the many eras of the series, featuring the Doctor in his many aspects: whether magician, scientist, wanderer, battle-scarred survivor or Machiavellian chess-player.

The stories in Golden Years demonstrate what we love about Doctor Who, and why it endures.

And they do. This is good stuff, professional-quality fiction (which is not something that can be said of most fanfic), with our favorite Time Lord caught up in all manner of scenarios funny, serious, and sometimes both at once. As when the Eleventh Doctor meets a dragon (thanks to River). Or the Tenth Ninth Doctor gets a new furry companion. Or the Third Doctor and Jo meet UNIT’s new scientific advisor.

If you need more escapism with the Doctor — and who doesn’t — here ya go.

Ordering information at Myth Makers Retrospective. All proceeds go to St John Ambulance Canada

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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