Doctor Who thing: totally unofficial Lego TARDIS kit


Ichiban Toys sells custom Lego kits: all the official Lego pieces you need to build something awesome, and the instructions to build it. Of their new, ahem, “Police Box” kit, they say:

Not only did we get emails about building this, but we had people coming up to us at LEGO conventions asking about a specific police box that happens to travel through time and space. We finally felt the time was right, partly because this model features new parts from LEGO that weren’t available in 2012. Oh, and this Police Box happens to be minifigure scale, too, which makes it perfect for your LEGO brick city!

Please note: This is not a TARDIS. It’s just a police box that might or might not happen to have capabilities of transdimensional spacetime travel. (Of course, the BBC now owns the trademark on the blue police box, but we won’t tell anyone about Ichiban’s kit, will we?)

Available from Ichiban Toys and Amazon U.S.

Via Mighty Mega.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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