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evening clickbait: the debut of the “exclusive review”; the worst way to celebrate Doctor Who; Citizen Lego

• Excuse me and WTF. From a studio press release: “Exclusive Review Now Live on Huffington Post.” I am not linking to #HuffPOS. But I can exclusively reveal that that “exclusive review” is positively glowing. It’s also by the publisher of a restaurant newsletter.

You know who deserves “exclusive reviews” like that? People who don’t want to support independent film criticism.

That #HuffPOS “reviewer” is also a film producer and a member of the Academy. So no possible conflict there at all. #FuckThisShit

• This sounds awful. Can’t imagine a worse way to celebrate Doctor Who. “Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty Coming to BBC Three” [Kasterborous]

• I love this:

Citizen Lego

“Secretly wishing the Lego movie would just be this” [@emmafgreen]

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