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John and Sherlock are moody, grim in first image from Series 3

The BBC has released the first image from the upcoming third season of Sherlock:

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman

Ooo, I think this may have been shot at Princi in Soho, which has awesome pizza.

Also: very Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper Nighthawks

I’m guessing this is the moment just before Sherlock reveals to sad, grieving John that he, Sherlock, tricked John into his sadness and grief. How will John react? Probably with something like “I’m so glad you’re alive, and now I am going to kill you.”

You can tell this image is from the actual story, and not behind the scenes, because no one is laughing, like in this one:


More behind-scenes images from the BBC’s official Sherlock website.

Still no word on a U.K. airdate…

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