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Doctor Who thing: pretty TARDIS paper snowflakes

There are so many beautiful TARDIS paper snowflakes online, and most them don’t bother to give us a template for making our own. Such as these:


(from Doctor Who Crafts)


(from Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost)


(from sylview on deviantArt)

Though you’ll find one sorta-template at Buzzfeed, for this:


And another at My Obsession of the Moment, for this:


Happy crafting! Use the safety scissors.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • Cansu Eren

    Hi, I’m Cansu, one of the owners of the snowflakes above.

    A tip for you to have templates of any snowflakes you found would be to just

    1-find the pattern that repeats,

    2-tape a paper on your laptop screen and

    3-try to reenact it.

    (Here is a link for you: http://imgur.com/H4PPpqy )

    Do a basic 8 repeated fold (you can find instructions online) and draw your snowflake on one side.

    That’s how I did the ones I found and eventually created of my own.

    Happy snowflaking!

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