what are your favorite (and must-see) holiday movies?

Die Hard Bruce Willis Christmas Story Peter Billingsley

This is supposed to be a fun time of year, but too often for too many of us, it’s more stressful than anything else. So let’s relax with some comfort movies:

What are your favorite (and must-see) holiday movies? And why? Which perhaps little-known holiday movies — or movies not often considered holiday movies — would you recommend to others who may have missed them?

My very favorite is A Christmas Story, because it reminds me of those Christmases when I was a kid, when there was no stress or worry or hassle, just excitement and mystery and wonder. And though it’s only its Christmas Eve setting that makes it a holiday film, I do love Die Hard. John McClane’s spirit of giving may manifest itself in the gift of bullets and explosions, but his recipients do so richly deserve his gifts.

Your turn…

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