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London photo of the day: East End meat auction


At the annual Christmas Eve meat auction at the butchers Hart of Smithfield, in London’s East End, a tradition that has apparently been going on for centuries. (Bonnie and I got a huge haunch of lovely beef for a tenner. It’ll be New Year’s dinner.)

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  • LaSargenta

    I really don’t know London well…I’d never heard of this. Congrats on your score!

    Edited to add: And now it looks like there’s a likelihood I’m not going to ever see it myself, either: http://www.savebritainsheritage.org/news/campaign.php?id=299 Argh!

  • bronxbee

    just like all the other interesting and historic food places — LesHalles in Paris, moved to the outlying area; the Fulton Fish Market in NYC moved to the outerborough and inconvenient area in the Bronx… history must die to line the pockets of giant corporations.
    it was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve morning and very invigorating. the meat was probably one of the best i’ve ever had.

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