women at the Golden Globes = “too much estrogen”

Oh, Kyle Smith at the New York Post:

For the first time in the recent history of awards shows, Lena Dunham didn’t win anything, but in a way she won everything, because last night’s Golden Globes broadcast might as well have been called “Girls.”

With its strenuously chummy hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, its saccharine-bordering-on-absurd acceptance speeches and its deluge of tearjerking “inspirational” commercials that sought to forge a hitherto unsuspected link between Golden Globes and Humanity’s Greatest Achievements, the night was a deep dive into a pool of estrogen.

Because anywhere, anywhen, anyhow that men aren’t in charge and in the spotlight solo, it’s the end of men, period.

Lest you think Smith doesn’t believe men are insulted and denigrated if they’re not the boss, his take on Gravity, a few sentences later:

Bullock had ten times as much screen time as her costar, Clooney being reduced to playing her coach.

Oh, the emasculation of it all!

Worse, it would seem that every time a woman came to the podium to accept or deliver an award, they acted all “strange[ly]… feminine.” Imagine that.

Go read, and marvel at the terror of a man seeing the dominance of his privilege challenged on unwitting display. And then read the comments section, for some surprisingly glorious pushback.

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