will you be watching any of the Sochi Winter Olympics?


My fellow film critic and online friend Wesley Lovell, of Cinema Sight, told me yesterday on Facebook that he’s boycotting the Olympics because of Russia. I get the moral impetus behind that, though I don’t quite see how simply not watching the Games on TV — if one would otherwise be interested in doing so — has any impact. Boycotting the advertisers, like by refusing to buy Coca-Cola, seems like it would make more of a statement, if still only a negligible one in the grand scheme. But unless your TV is connected to some sort of rating-measuring service, like Nielsen in the U.S., neither Vladimir Putin nor the IOC nor Coca-Cola (or any other advertiser) is going to be hurt by your tuning out.

I’m not criticizing Wesley’s decision, by the way, just framing this weekend’s Question:

Will you be watching any of the Sochi Winter Olympics? If not, is it because of some particular objection to this Winter Olympics, or are you just not interested in sports? If so, what events are you looking forward to?

I always look forward to the ice dancing at the Winter Olympics, so I’ll make a point of watching that, time and schedules permitting. Other than that, I don’t have much interest in sports of any kind.


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