how has your winter (or summer) weather been?


We learned this week that parts of England have had the rainiest January since records began more than a centuty ago. I don’t think London broke records, but it must have come close: the rain has been relentless since Christmas. Fortunately, it hasn’t been very cold: I haven’t worn a winter coat once this season. But my umbrella has just about been killed by the wind. (This time last year, it was frigid and there was snow lingering on the ground, which is even less typical than record-breaking rain.)

It’s sunny here today, which is a nice change.

My hometown of New York has gone from arctic cold and tons of snow to temps on a par with London… sometimes from one day to the next.

Meanwhile, Australia has been sweltering under a catastrophic heat wave. People have died in Argentina from the heat.

How has your winter (or summer) weather been? More extreme than normal? Whatever is it, are you enjoying it, or looking forward to spring?

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