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how has your winter (or summer) weather been?


We learned this week that parts of England have had the rainiest January since records began more than a centuty ago. I don’t think London broke records, but it must have come close: the rain has been relentless since Christmas. Fortunately, it hasn’t been very cold: I haven’t worn a winter coat once this season. But my umbrella has just about been killed by the wind. (This time last year, it was frigid and there was snow lingering on the ground, which is even less typical than record-breaking rain.)

It’s sunny here today, which is a nice change.

My hometown of New York has gone from arctic cold and tons of snow to temps on a par with London… sometimes from one day to the next.

Meanwhile, Australia has been sweltering under a catastrophic heat wave. People have died in Argentina from the heat.

How has your winter (or summer) weather been? More extreme than normal? Whatever is it, are you enjoying it, or looking forward to spring?

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  • bronxbee

    here in NYC it hasn’t swung much in the last two weeks… yesterday was actually *balmy* at 28, although today it may be 42F…the weather actually hasn’t bothered me, even the “arctic” cold… and i prefer snow and cold to rain and cold…

  • beccity98

    I live in southern California, and winter started out normally chilly (for us), but most of January was unusually warm-up to the 80s sometimes, which is fine for me. I hate being cold. The only annoying thing is that it’s been extremely dry. My eyes are super dry, my nose hurts from it, everything crackles with static, and my poor cats can’t sniff our hands anymore-their poor noses get shocked! And our summer was unusually humid, too! I prefer it the other way ’round.

    It’s just now starting to cool off again. Maybe we can actually use this firewood that we’ve been unable to use for the past couple years. Our kitties love the fire when it’s cold out.

  • althea

    In Dallas it’s been bouncing up and down all winter and it’s driving me crazy. Yesterday it was in the 70s long enough that I had to turn the heat off altogether. Now it’s going down for a couple of days, then bumps back up for a couple of days, and down again, not bad temperatures, but freezes overnights. It’s practically impossible to keep it comfortable with gas heaters (and one electric), and I’ve started to envy those with central heating.

    We did have one severe freeze along with everybody else, although nothing like the horrible snow and ice up north. But even then it only lasted a couple of days. Yes, I’m looking forward to spring. Assuming we have one and don’t go straight to summer. Maybe it’ll keep bouncing – spring to summer to spring wouldn’t be so bad.

  • althea

    You’re probably right about the geography. In fact I’ve been saying for years that Dallas gets somewhat less severe weather than it would if Fort Worth wasn’t there. It’s a windbreak.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    The Colorado Front Range has been fairly typical. The snowpack in the Northern basins is a little above normal (about 110-120%), while the Southern basins are a little below average (about 80-90%). We just got our first significant drop here in the Ft Collins area, about 8 inches. We have seen some weird fluctuations of temperature (20’sF one day, 50’sF the next, then back to 30’sF) which has made a lot of mud. It might also have caused us to lose two alpacas to exposure, which was sad.

    My only real weather concern right now is fending of the “If global warming is real why is it cold?” crowd. >.<

  • cal

    I’m in Ohio. I hate this winter. We were swallowed up by the polar vortex, have had about two feet of snow so far this month, and are experiencing freezing rain right now. My mountain of shoveled snow got so tall I couldn’t throw any more up there. It’s in the high 30s now but it should be back down around zero with a few more inches of snow this week. My son had more days off school this month than on.

    We had a few mild winters in a row, so I’ve been spoiled, but this year feels like a punishment. Can’t wait for spring, whenever that may be!

  • Jurgan

    Snow in South Carolina! SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING! We had a couple inches of snow and school was canceled for 2.5 days. I understand it: compare to Atlanta, where students were stranded at school overnight because the weather caused wrecks up and down the road. The truth is Southerners just aren’t prepared to deal with snow. Meanwhile, I’m hoping to move up north next year- I fully expect to freeze.

  • Here in the Chicago area, we’ve been getting dumped on with snow, followed by ridiculously cold temps. We’ve had days as cold as -17, plus wind chills! Holy shit, that’s cold. 4 days of my sons school has been cancelled strictly due to extreme cold. We’re already over our average total season snowfall and it’s only February 1st.
    Yeah, it’s been a wild Winter so far. Definitely looking forward to Spring, but I always do, anyway, as i get anxious to get back out into the garden.

  • Danielm80

    I miss seasons in New York. Now we get snow, followed immediately by sun, followed by rain, sometimes in the same day.

  • Tonio Kruger

    I was tempted to see Frozen today but it was much too cold outside…

  • bronxbee

    funny, because a lot of people don’t think we have seasons here either… i think we’ve had a lot of seasonal weather this year… it might have all been jumbled up in the same week, but we do get 4 seasons.

  • Danielm80

    Yeah, when I first moved to New York, we used to get winter, then spring, then summer, then fall. Now, I feel as though whoever’s in charge of the weather said: June will come in September this year, and October will come in May, and–this year–February will come on Tuesday at 3:00 in the afternoon.

  • Kathy_A

    Another Chicagoan here (hey there, MarkyD!).

    Yep, January was the third snowiest month in our history. And when it isn’t snowing, it’s below zero (F) at least part of the day. And I’m finding out that the factory battery on my 2 1/2 year old Mazda isn’t all that great, because I’ve had to have it jumped twice in the past month to get it going. This morning, even though it only got down to about 1 or 2 below zero and didn’t have a bad windchill, the car was definitely complaining before starting up, finally. I’m worried about what it’ll do on Thursday morning, when it’s supposed to get down to 6 below overnight.

    My boss has been great about letting me work from home when it is really bad out (last Monday and Tuesday, for example), so that’s a big bonus!

    Just two more months of this…

  • RogerBW

    A bit west of London – not too bad, though there’s been flooding in Marlow which isn’t far from here. We live up a hill, which was by design. I was driving near Pinewood Studios yesterday and there were 5-6 inches of water across the road in places.

  • Beowulf

    We call our Centre County location here in PA “Dead Center” for several reasons. Last year I asked the baby Jesus for no snow and we got almost nothing. This year, I forgot to ask and was that a mistake!

    Home to Accuweather, we’re still difficult to forecast for. Most forecasts say above or below I-80, or east or west of I-99. Most of the really bad storms this winter have passed just above, below, east, or west of us. The “I-95 corridor” has been getting pounded.
    The big rat saw his shadow so six or more weeks of winter; it he had not, it would have been just six weeks until spring. :-)

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