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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London photo: “a very naughty boy”


Did you wonder about the blue plaque on the pub in yesterday’s photo? It’s not an official blue plaque, the ones placed by English Heritage, but who cares? It honors Graham Chapman, and marks The Angel Inn, where he drank “often and copiously.”

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  • Stephen Gagen

    So far as I can say this about someone I never met, I loved Graham Chapman. Loved his writing and performances in Monty Python, loved his Liar’s Autobiography (“Nothing in this book is true – including this statement”) and loved his portrayal of Brian. So sad that he died so young. I’m glad he’s being remembered in a way he’d have approved of.

  • Karl Morton IV

    British Comedy Society, eh? Wonder how many other plaques they’ve put up. To Google I go….

  • Karl Morton IV
  • RogerBW

    My goodness, if they put one up outside the Ship in Soho it would be bigger than the pub.

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