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new 99¢ one-month trial subscription (and why I need your help more than ever)

This news about EW “hiring” writers for no pay is emblematic of why I’ve mostly given up on trying to get corporate outfits to hire me as a writer on film. Cuz I’ve spent a lot of time and effort pitching ideas to the few sites that do pay writers, and the best possible outcome is that they say yes, and then pay, at most, $75 or £50. (The alt-weeklies that run some of my reviews on a nonexclusive basis pay much less than that.) Those are good rates these days. Which is ridiculous, when the material they’re paying for demands that the writer have extensive experience and be seeing hundreds of movies every year. (No one is going to pay for a review or a thinkpiece from someone who sees one movie a month.) Even if I could get assignments for two such pieces every day — which is of course an absurdity, given the amount of competition there is for such assignments — it still would not be enough.

(ETA: In case it’s not clear, I was getting at the fact that there are so many companies that think they don’t need to pay writers, and so many beginners — and not-so-beginners — willing to work for free that it has driven down the rates that the paying outfits will begrudingly pay.)

Which is why I need support from readers to continue doing what I’m doing.

As reader and subscriber Beowulf says:

Since MaryAnn’s site contributes so much to the rapidly disappearing art of intelligent discourse concerning films new and old, I have decided to double my monthly contribution immediately and would urge others to do so. If you aren’t a member, what are you waiting for? MaryAnn needs your help to inform, confound, and entertain us all. If you give a pass to one horrible movie or see a great one because of what you saw here, it’s worth a few dollars or pounds you won’t miss. Online idiocy is cheap; great sites cost a bit more.

As an extra incentive for those of you on the fence about subscribing, I’ve added a new option to take a trial subscription for one month at only $0.99. This way you can check out how nice it is not to have to worry about pageviews, and not to have to see those annoying popups asking you to subscribe. (If you choose the trial option, your subscription will automatically renew after the first month for $4.99 per month, unless you cancel it. I hope you won’t cancel, of course, but if you do, no hard feelings.)

Please become a subscriber. Because online idiocy is free. My work cannot be.

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