Game of Thrones S04 E04: “Oathkeeper” (not much happens but still awesome)


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Did anything much happen this week? This episode felt kinda placeholder-y. I mean, Unsullied Guy is kinda in love with Interpreter Girl:


But we knew that.

Tyrion is still in the dungeon.


But now we know that Jaime believes he did not kill Joffrey. And now we know that Tyrion knows that Joffrey was Jaime’s son. Ick.

Oh my goodness, Jaime:


No.Wait. He’s a rapist. We don’t like him anymore. Damn.

Brienne is defo in love with Jaime. Cuz she looked back:


But we pretty much knew that. And he might be a little in love with her, cuz he waited for her to look back:


But we knew that.

Things we didn’t know: White Walkers need babies.


This cannot be good.

Jon Snow is becoming a leader. So we can add him to the list of people who might potentially try to take the Iron Throne. Is there some reason why bastards can’t make a claim? I think not. If Robert Baratheon’s bastard was a contender, then so is Ned Stark’s. Right?

Okay, Bran and Co. were taken hostage by Crazy Fuck Burn Gorman. That’s new.


Oh dear, and this is new: We now know that Little Finger and Diana Rigg were in on Joffrey’s murder together. Not terribly surprising. But interesting.

Oh, and yuck, Margaergy is working on seducing Tommen, and he’s, like, 12:


These people. Unbelievable.

How is it that even when nothing happens on this show, it’s still completely riveting?

(next: “First of His Name”)

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