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London photo: friendly Tesco says hello


The highlight of my Saturday? A visit to the friendly giant Tesco that says hello to you as you arrive. Pathetic.

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  • althea

    I have a couple of questions: What do the price figures on the sign translate to? and Do most people, in a sentence where they may say for instance, “I’m going to the grocery store”, say “Tesco” or “Tesco’s” normally?

  • I’d say it’s about evenly divided between “Tesco” and “Tesco’s.”

    The prices on the sign are £1.289 and £1.349 for a liter (or litre!) of petrol (the cheaper one will be unleaded, the other diesel). So that’s about US$2.06 and US$2.16 per liter, times four liters per gallon. So gas is around eight bucks a gallon in the UK. BUT cars are at least twice as fuel efficient, so it works out to about the same price per mile driven.

    (I took the bus — well, two buses — to get there.)

  • althea

    And historically there have never been that many gas guzzlers in the UK. But when I think of how long it takes to get from one place to another in London, what with the narrower streets and less freeways, and the traffictraffictraffic, I’d take the bus too. I bow before the wonderful London bus system, long may it reign. If only we had as good public transport in Dallas.

  • Kathy_A

    When I went to Orkney two years ago, Morag, the woman in charge of our B&B, emailed me directions from the ferry in which she said, “And after you get through Kirkwall, turn left on this street, which will take you straight past the Tesco’s (it just opened! We’re so excited!!)…” Their grocery shopping options were pretty limited beforehand, I guess.

  • Kathy_A

    When my family goes to Ireland in September, my sister and I were trying to convince everyone to get two small cars for the six of us and we could drive around the island that way. But, no, my brother wanted us all in one big car, so we’re getting the equivalent of a VW minibus, which supposedly seats 9. It should fit all of us and our luggage, but I am not looking forward to how often we’re going to have to fill it up!
    (To give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he’s thinking about the fact that our mom will be turning 75 over there, so this could very well be the last time we all travel together–the last time we vacationed together was in 2000. So, maximum togetherness time is called for.)

  • It’s pretty pointless to have a car in London, unless you’re driving out of the city on the regular basis. And even then, you can still get many places by train.

  • Two small cars probably would have been better. Lots of those Irish roads are really narrow!

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