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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

listen up, clueless ladies who have been tricked into supporting my Kickstarter

Brandon is here to set you straight and explain everything that is obviously true about movies and the world:

So I’m pretty young and very clueless about a lot of things but I figured I’d add to this. There have been many movies with a strong female role where the women is very independent and doesn’t really rely on anyone for help unless she has a team but obviously you’ll see a lot more movies with a strong male lead mainly because that’s what everybody’s use to and it’s hard to change for everybody it’s hard to change so changing from an occasional strong female role in a movie and then putting out more female roles you’ll have a post just like this now saying “where’s the men” obviously there are going to be many many many comments and replies against this issue because us as human beings enjoy arguing or trying to prove someone else wrong and that’s exactly what I’m doing I agree that there aren’t many strong female roles but there’s no point in this campaign movies are gonna stay the same with a strong male role just like every other movie honestly I couldn’t care for this campaign it’s a waist of money only because this is most likely gonna go nowhere and if it does great but your gonna some sort of miracle for movies to add more females for a strong role nobody really wants it. Almost every movie is gonna have fighting whether it’s emotional, mental or physical and it’s a lot easier to get all three of those factors with men in the movie yes you can get the same sort of factors with females like in blade there’s a girl who can fight very well but let’s be honest who started yawning at that part or went for a bathroom break? All I’m saying is were to use to men playing a good role or the “main role” there are still many many famous actresses who all have an important role in a movie, you are easily going to trick many clueless women into donating and I know I sound like an ass for saying it but it’s obviously true and most men won’t even think twice about this

In case he deletes it:


So now you know where you went wrong. If you haven’t yet been tricked into making a pledge, the Kickstarter is currently at 81 percent funded with four days to go. Come on, get clueless!

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  • LaSargenta

    I guess no one could trick him into learning to spell.

  • Bluejay

    But c’mon, MaryAnn, you have to admit his post has a grain of truth.

    In this case, it’s “I’m very clueless” and “I sound like an ass.”

  • Lennon

    Oops, I’m a man and I donated. Was I not supposed to do that? You didn’t specify that this kickstarter was only for clueless women you could trick into donating. Shame on you, MaryAnn.

  • LaSargenta

    I Am Groot And I Donated.

  • althea

    My word. I think he actually got worse at spelling and expressing himself as he went along. Poor kid, he doesn’t even know he sounded like an ass right up there at the start and could have saved himself some time.

  • FunWithHeadline

    As someone who writes for a living, Branden’s second sentence left me breathless. No, literally I was holding my breath waiting for that period to arrive. I barely made it.

    As a male, I despair to be living in a world where the racists are successfully getting people to believe they are the victims of racism, and that the patriarchal society that continually puts down women is actually the entity under attack from ungrateful women.

    As a backer of this Kickstarter, I want to personally thank Branden. He just inspired me to ensure this Kickstarter makes it to the finish line even if I have to give more. It WILL be funded. Thanks, Branden!

  • Tonio Kruger

    Apparently Branden has an issue with — ahem — periods.

    What a surprise…

  • Tonio Kruger

    Apparently none of his English teachers could teach him anything about the obvious flaws of a run-on sentence.

  • Duh. Only girls have periods.

  • I couldn’t very well *tell* people that I was tricking them because they are clueless and female, now, could I? It was all part of my nefarious plan to withhold this vital information.

  • Jurgan

    That second “sentence” is 204 words long. Ernest Hemingway is saying “dude, use some punctuation.”

  • Bluejay

    As someone who writes for a living, Branden’s second sentence left me breathless.

    Misplaced modifier. :-)

  • Danielm80

    No, FWH thinks that anyone who writes for a living should be locked up, and is glad that Branden is facing a second sentence in prison. I can sympathize. I’d be breathlessly excited if Dan Brown went to prison.

  • FunWithHeadline

    Well played. It is well known that any comment about grammar itself introduces grammatical errors.

  • RogerBW

    Darn it, and here I thought “Where Are the Women? (A Feminist Protest in Film Criticism)” was going to be all about how the only place for a woman on a film set is in the Craft Services trailer.

    Unless she’s hawt, obviously.

  • Or sewing costumes, or doing hair & makeup. You know, women’s work.

  • LaSargenta


  • Constable

    Now that’s a bit narrow minded, gay men can also do hair and makeup. This is the 21st century people…

  • Tonio Kruger

    I suspect even Henry James is saying the same thing.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Because no one ever writes books in prison. ;-)

  • Beowulf

    Money is a terrible thing to “waist.”

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